Centre Lawn and East Lawn

Centre Lawn Building

Centre Lawn

Centre Lawn opened in 1924 next to West Lawn. It was originally known as the “Acute Psychopathic Wing.” It was designed by a different architect than West Lawn but is very similar in appearance. The four-story structure consists of reinforced concrete with red brick exterior facing. The main entrance utilizes a two-story portico with large columns and a balcony. The interior was renovated in the 1970s and, in 2019, it received additional upgrades, including roof repairs.

East Lawn

East Lawn, originally known as the “Female Chronic Wing” was completed in 1929 and opened in 1930. It is the largest building on site. The structure is reinforced concrete finished with a red brick exterior. The slate roof has a series of dormers, which BC Housing repaired in 2019.