Filming Opportunities at səmiq̓ʷəʔelə

BC Housing currently owns and operates the 244-acre site of səmiq̓ʷəʔelə. This includes all roads, utilities, and underground infrastructure (like a municipality). It also currently owns most buildings. To offset extensive costs to operate and maintain this site, BC Housing leases buildings to non-profits, commercial and government tenants.

BC Housing also generates revenue through film activity. The types of films allowed, and their content are regulated in a way that strives to respect the complex history of the site.

Want to film at səmiq̓ʷəʔelə?

BC Housing permits filming that fits our core values, is mindful and sensitive to our clientele, programming and staff needs.

Please note we do require that all film requests are submitted by a registered BC Film Production Company. For more information about filming on site, please email [email protected].