Kevin Lussier smiling in a light purple collared shirt.

Kevin Lussier

April 20 2023

Kevin Lussier’s connection to the səmiq̓ʷəʔelə/Riverview lands was established long ago when his mother used to drive him past her place of work – Valleyview Pavilion. As head nurse of the Pavilion, she cared for seniors who struggled with mental illness. Kevin remembers being amazed at how big the property was. Years later he would be hired by a private security company to work onsite. After thirteen years onsite, he is now a vital part of the BC Housing team as the Operations Security Coordinator of səmiq̓ʷəʔelə.
Kevin is familiar with every inch of the site and has come to know many of the tenants, residents and visitors of the area. Occasionally there are break-ins at some of the older buildings, sometimes by youth who aren’t aware of the hazardous materials or frail condition of the structures.
Kevin is often the first one on-site with the RCMP and helps to educate people on the dangers of entry. He likes knowing he plays a role in keeping people safe. Kevin takes public safety very seriously, but always brings a warm smile and kind approach to his work. On a Friday night, you’ll find him at his local Cactus Club with a few friends, perhaps followed by a game of backgammon.