A young black bear in a field of long grasses.

Notice of bear and bobcat activity at səmiq̓ʷəʔelə

April 28 2022

Photo credit: Pete Nuij via Unsplash

Please be aware that a family of black bears, including a mother and cubs, have been spotted on site. We urge tenants, staff, and visitors to be cautious in all outdoor locations, particularly in areas with poor sightlines.

We encourage those who are using the site to walk in pairs or groups, and to consider noise-making strategies like carrying a bear bell when walking the forested areas. Please be particularly mindful of pets and young children, who may be more vulnerable during a bear encounter. As always, dogs should remain leashed, and children should remain close to their adult caregivers.

Please also take any food scraps or garbage with you when you leave. Tenants can use their designated wildlife-safe garbage disposal containers.

If you encounter a bear on site, please slowly and calmly back away.

If you observe a bear or any other animal on site that is behaving aggressively towards humans or pets, please call the local Conservation Officer Service at 877-952-7277.

Read the City of Coquitlam’s Bear Smart Guidelines for in-depth guidelines.

Email [email protected] for any other wildlife-related concerns.