courage perched on a boulder

Possible cougar sighting on Riverview Lands

August 05 2020

Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Be aware that a possible sighting of a cougar or bobcat has been reported on the Riverview Lands. Residents, staff and other users of the site should be extra cautious and aware of their surroundings for the foreseeable future.

Please use the following precautions on the Riverview site:

  • Keep pets leashed and nearby at all times
  • Keep small children within arm’s reach
  • Avoid going for walks in wooded areas around dawn or dusk as these are prime times for cougar or bobcat activities
  • Consider avoiding trails with poor sight lines
  • If possible, walk with another person and make noise to avoid catching the cougar or bobcat off-guard

If you see a cougar or bobcat, according to WildSafe BC, take the following actions:

  • Stay calm and don’t run – maintain eye contact with the cougar or bobcat
  • Pick up small children or small pets immediately
  • Make yourself look large larger than you are by taking up space (for example, lifting a jacket or shirt over your head)
  • Face the cat and back away slowly
  • Make sure to provide enough space for the animal to move away from you safely (don’t corner it)
  • If the cougar or bobcat chases you or acts aggressively, respond aggressively: make loud noises and pick up sticks or rocks to use as weapons

If a cougar or bobcat attacks:

  • Fight back focusing on the cat’s face and eye area

Remember that it’s best to avoid cougar encounters entirely. If you run into a cougar, the best course of action is to demonstrate that you’re not an easy target.

For any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].