A map of the area to avoid under the safety notice.

Safety Bulletin: Cottage 3 area off-limits, multi-use path under maintenance

August 10 2021

Avoid Cottage 3 area until further notice

Please be aware that the area around Cottage 3, one of the Tudor-style Boys Industrial School of Coquitlam Cottages, is off limits due to possible falling debris. Staff will be installing fencing around this area as soon as possible. Please do not go within five metres of the building until further notice. 

Vehicle traffic should avoid the stretch of Holly Drive next to Palm Terrace, around the back of the Cottage 3 building. This building is not tenanted and has not been in use since the early 1990s. 

Multi-use path maintenance

From August 9-14, the west side of the multi-use path will be under construction. We encourage those who use the multi-use path to plan an alternate route during this time.