Building surrounded by snow

Winter Weather Affects Trees

February 25 2020

It might seem a long time ago now, but the recent snowfall in January transformed the site into a winter wonderland for a few weeks. And while children were observed on toboggans enjoying the snow, some of the trees were unable to withstand the winter weather.

As a result of strong windstorms in January, the site experienced three tree failures:

Tree tag #1046 – Threadleaf Maple below North Lawn near Clover Street and Birch Crescent was blown over

Tree tag #1160 – Golden Weeping Willow south of Unit 5 near Palm Terrace experienced trunk failure

Tree tag #1238 – English Hawthorn by Cottage 119 along Oak Crescent was uprooted

Numerous small branches also blew off during the storm around site.These and the fallen trees have been cleaned up and removed, under the direction of the Riverview Lands arborist, Dr. Julian Dunster.

Driveway and building covered in snow Tree covered in snow








Trees covered in snowSnow covered vista